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Bryan Burnsed
B and A Auto is hands down one of the best used car dealers in Central Florida!! From the excellent customer service to the quality of cars they offer. Their pricing is great and the offer ZERO percent interest!! We just bought a Chrysler Pacifica, which is our second vehicle we have bought from B and A! If you are in the market for a quality used vehicle than go see Todd at B and A Auto sales and you will know you are in good hands!!
Dave Hayward
Fantastic buying experience. Great staff and great service. I will be buying all my future cars from your dealership. I am thankful to have a dealership like this in the Orlando/Winter garden area.
d Pedersen
I have purchased 3 cars, Neon, Chevy Cavalier, Isuzu Acsender and have been pleased with each. Minor issues but they are used cars and the guys at B&A have worked with me to get going again. My Son will be looking for a pickup and I know where I will be going. Thank you B&A
David Lennon
I bought a suv for my son 2-3 years ago from B & A. The buying experience was very simple and the staff was quite helpful. They have treated me great when it comes to the repairs on that vehicle, as well as the other cars we own. I have friends who have bought several cars from B & A, they have also told me good things about the dealership!
Jose Oceguera
Listen, that guy says the good reviews are fake probably is one of those people never satisfied with nothing, I just bought an 06 Chrysler Pacifica, only 3 weeks into having the car I had small but pesky issues with the car, I thought they sold me a piece of crap and in my head I was upset with the dealership, after I spend around $400 to get the working working perfect again I came into B&A ready to argue fit my money back, they explained to me I had 30 days and bring it back firr any reasons and they would fix it, but since I didn't know they instantly credited the money back which postponed my payments, I love how they work with you, and no interest is awesome, I have bought a van from another used car dealership and let it get repoed because the dealership wouldn't fix anything they wouldn't work with me and we're rude, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone
Leslie Fordham
I have been a customer for years and have bought 4 cars here. They have always given me great customer service and love the prices!
Cristina Porretto
I have always been a bit hesitant when it comes to purchasing a used car due to horrible past experiences. However, this time around I was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff was helpful and knowledgeable. I've been so satisfied with my car that we recently got a second vehicle for my daughter.
Melinda Mortimer
Great people got a 06 ford focus from them and love it low payments with one month warranty can't beat that with no credit check
Chanel Leda
I went to B&A on Dec 27, 2013 to purchase a car for my daughter to drive to school. B&A Auto Sales was very friendly and helpful as well as professional. They let me drive the car and take it to my own auto mechanic. My mechanic found a few small items (IE one od the electronic door buttons it not work). B&A fixed all of the items. I paid cash for the car. I will return to B&A and buy cars in the future. Highly recommend them. ask for Todd the manager.
A Google User
B&A Auto Sales is the most honest and frankly most helpful auto dealership in Central Florida. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the staff at B&A and they are incredible. They gave me a shot and put me in a car when nobody else would. The quality of service and integrity is second to none.
Charles Horne
My experience with B 7 A Auto has been nothing but excellent. From the very beginning, with a mere phone call for basic information to the day I purchased my mini-van from Todd, and through the various adjustments they made to my vehicle during the first few weeks I had the vehicle. Todd and B & A held to their word and provided me with a vehicle that I am pleased with and the opportunity to purchase a car without the problems of negative credit scenarios that happened to me due to a major health crisis 2 years ago. It is a pleasure to drive my car daily and a pleasure to deal with Todd and B & A. Recently, my best friend purchased a Chevy Trailblazer from B & A and is very happy with their service and the car. Thanks to Todd and B & A for helping me regain mi independence with the purchase of my mini-van!!!!!!!!!!
Joey Gibson
To be completely honest and to the point. B&A Auto Sales has hands down been the most helpful car dealership I have been to. For my first car, I have everything I need in working order. I've had my car for about 3 months almost and I have had issues with it, but they've been right there beside me the entire step and have fixed everything that's went wrong. I will defiantly be back when I need a new car.
Laurie Montalvo
My experience with B&A Auto was great love the fact that Carmen worked with me every month. I've know Carmen and her husband for years and there great people they make a good team. keep up the good work u guys..
Clayton Bender
Hands down, this is the best auto retailer in central florida, if not the entire state. With a great selection of pre-owned vehicles, and knowledgable, friendly staff, you will feel welcomed and comfortable through the whole car buying process. When it came time for me to get a car for college, the wonderful employees on site helped my sister and I get just the right car for us. A 2006 Ford Fusion SE. A true beauty of a sedan. Was I worried that I may have made the wrong move? That this car might turn out to be unreliable? Well, at first maybe slightly. But as time went on, my worries faded away quickly, and I still love my Fusion as much as the day we took it home, almost three years ago. I was constantly reassured by the fact that if something did happen (nothing did, by the way), the folks at B&A would help me take care of it in a timely and concise manner, no matter the issue. If you're looking for a great deal, great people, and a worry-free car buying experience, then look no further than this incredible dealer. If I need a new car in the future, I certainly know where I'll be headed!